"Just remember that sometimes, the way you think about a person
isn't the way they actually are."
― John Green, Paper Towns

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I'VE BEEN Living my life being a potato for 13 years already. I’m a kind of person who think nerds are cool and cool people suck. My birth is my contribution to make the world suck less. I’m a vain procrastinator who needs camera to live and books to breathe. I used to be a dreamer until reality woke me up and since then, reality became my mortal enemy. I’m a bibliophile trapped inside the torn pages of the book and lost my way forever. I often choose books over people because I pretty much hate everyone, oh, people suck. I'M AN AWKWARD BOOKWORM WHO BREATHES WORDS, METAPHORS, SIMILES AND LITTLE BIT OF DUSTS FROM THE BOOKS THAT I'VE BEEN DYING TO READ AND I'M SHINING LIKE FIREWORKS OVER YOUR SAD EMPTY TOWN.
franz. 13. peculiar